Mitchell is always fair, practical and considers the unexpected.

Mitchell Lattof has represented our company for over six years. During that period he has proven to be an excellent attorney.

Prior to his engagement I have had the opportunity to work with law firms of various size and specialization. These firms include nationally ranked top 50 firms and smaller boutiques in practice areas such as complex business law, corporate litigation, real estate and intellectual property law.

Mitchell would be rated as one of the very best I have had the pleasure to work with. During the time Mitchell has been our counsel he has advised us on various matters including the establishment of corporate entities in multiple states, business acquisition, real estate purchases, stock repurchase programs and general legal matters.

He approaches matters with a personal conviction and passion, his sense of urgency at assignment initiation and his expedience through project completion have proven to be both helpful and financially beneficial.

Mitchell is always fair, practical and considers the unexpected. These traits have proven to be legally cost effective and have eliminated downstream issues which have proven to be invaluable to our business.

While all the legal aspects of our relationship with Mitchel have been above our expectation his most important traits could be his unwavering moral conviction and absolute candor. I consider him not only an excellent attorney and business advisor but also a sage counsel in all matters.

Simply put, I hold Mitchell Lattof with the highest regard as a person and an attorney and would unwaveringly recommend him as counsel.