How We Help Injury Victims in Alabama and Beyond

The law firm of Lattof & Lattof, P.C., and its predecessor firms have been protecting the rights of the citizens of the Gulf Coast for over 60 years. We remain committed to this endeavor and are resolved to undertake the handling of many different types of cases in order to meet the needs of our clientele.

Personal Injury

Accidents happen, but often the ones who suffer the most from an accident are not the ones who caused it. We are committed to helping accident victims receive the compensation they need from the parties responsible for their suffering.

Dangerous Drugs & Defective Medical Devices

Many people place their trust in medications and medical products to help them overcome life-threatening conditions. Unfortunately, some manufacturers release these products without adequate testing; others attempt to hide the risks in the name of higher profits. Our attorneys help victims nationwide hold manufacturers accountable for injuries caused by dangerous drugs and medical devices.

Toxic Torts & Product Liability

New and improved products enter the marketplace every day, forever changing the lives of U.S. consumers. However, not all of these changes are for the better. A poorly-designed or toxic product can cause irreparable damage to a person’s health and livelihood, and may even cut their lives short. Our attorneys help victims nationwide who have been injured by defective products and toxic substances.

Nursing Home Abuse

When families place a loved one in a nursing home, they are entrusting the life of their relative into the hands of the caretakers and staff. Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to separate the reputable care facilities from those that are understaffed and under-regulated, leaving many seniors at risk of suffering serious or even fatal nursing home abuse. If your loved one was injured or killed in an assisted living facility, our law firm can help you take action.