How To Recognize When It's Time To File A Nursing Home Abuse Claim

Placing an elderly loved one in a nursing home is an enormous decision on many different levels – emotionally, financially, socially and otherwise. The primary factor in making such a decision is often based upon the assurances and promises made to your family by the nursing home that your loved one will be provided with the best safety, standards of care, attention of staff, medical services and quality of life available under the circumstances. It is devastating to later find out that your loved one has suffered serious neglect, abuse or injury at the hands of the staff or others while living in the nursing home and chances are that you and your family will want to seek justice and compensation from those responsible.

filing a nursing home abuse claim

Remove Elder From Negligent Home Immediately

Depending on the circumstances and the severity of the abuse or injury, you will usually want to get the patient out of that home immediately in order to protect them from further occurrences and also for your own peace of mind. Even if the nursing home denies any wrongdoing (which is their usual initial response) and even if the nursing home promises to correct procedures, practices or whatever else may have led to the abuse or injury, chances are that you are not going to trust them as you did before. If the activity is severe enough, it may be that the criminal justice system will bring charges against those responsible, but that that will normally not lead to compensation for the victimization and suffering of your loved one. In most cases, your only and best recourse is to contact a nursing home abuse attorney to discuss the victim’s rights and explore the options that may be available through the civil justice system.

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