Monsanto Continues to Deny That Weed Killer RoundUp is Deadly

There are currently some 18,500 pending cases in U.S. Courts against the Monsanto Corporation (a recently purchased subsidiary of Bayer). These cases have all been brought on behalf of persons claiming that exposure to Monsanto’s weed killer – RoundUp – caused them to develop various cancers, including non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, B-Cell Lymphoma and Leukemia.

To date, there have been several individual trials in those cases and in each instance, Bayer/Monsanto has lost in extreme fashion, with verdicts ranging from $80 million to $2 billion (recently reduced to $87 million). There are a half dozen or so trials scheduled for the upcoming months, including a case filed by a 12-year old boy who contends that exposure to RoundUp caused him to develop non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.

Why Does Bayer/Monsanto Continue To Lose These Cases?

Monsanto continues to claim in court that RoundUp is a safe product to use (they like to use the phrase “safe as table salt”), but when presented with the evidence, juries have not agreed. At trial, the juries have been presented with numerous studies going back several years or more which have concluded that there is a link between exposure to glyphosate (the primary active ingredient in RoundUp) and various cancers. The World Health Organization has labeled glyphosate as a carcinogen, as has the state of California and other jurisdictions. RoundUp has been BANNED in Austria and recent reports indicate that once its current clearance expires in 2022, it will be banned throughout the European Union.

Bayer/Monsanto’s Bad Behavior

Of particular concern to Bayer/Monsanto is that when evidence of their “bad behavior” regarding RoundUp has come to light – juries become angry. This bad behavior includes:

  • Evidence that Monsanto knew for decades of the health concerns regarding RoundUp and actively concealed the information from the public
  • Evidence that Monsanto had their employees help “ghost-write” scientific articles and studies touting the safety of RoundUp and present them as being independent, unbiased studies. (Monsanto even discussed PAYING outside scientists to attached their names to these ghost-written studies.)
  • Evidence that Monsanto pressured scientific journal editors to retract articles critical of RoundUp
  • Evidence that Monsanto has attempted to influence the EPA to stop a study designed to assess the dangers of RoundUp

RoundUp In Children’s Cereal!

According to reports from the United States Geological Survey, there is some 250 million pounds of glysophate-containing weed killer placed on U.S. crops each year. A large portion of this is the RoundUp brand. To encourage the use of RoundUp, Bayer/Monsanto has developed genetically-modified grain seeds to make them “RoundUp Ready” so that the plants can be drenched with RoundUp without being killed.

Recently the Environmental Working Group tested 21 grain-based children’s cereals and alarmingly discovered that 17 of the 21 contained glyphosate levels at levels considered UNSAFE for CHILDREN. The recognized “safe” level for children is 160 parts per billion of glyphosate. One of the worst culprits was Honey Nut Cheerios which contained 833 parts per billion and regular Cheerios which contained 729 parts per billion.

What Will Bayer Do?

The billion dollar question is “what will Bayer do” in light of its Roundup situation? Since buying Monsanto in 2018 for $63 billion, Bayer has recently seen its stock values lose some $38 billion – a development that doesn’t make stock holders happy. Bayer recently announced that it was going to be spending $5.6 billion in research and development in the future to develop alternate weed killer formulas that don’t contain glyphosate. This is being done while at the same time Bayer continues to fight each case tooth and nail and continues to maintain that RoundUp is perfectly safe. It will be interesting to watch as this plays out.

Protect Your Rights Regarding RoundUp Exposure

If you or a loved one have been exposed to Round Up weed killer and developed certain cancers, including Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma, you or they may be entitled to compensation for these devastating conditions. For over 65 years, the attorneys at Lattof & Lattof, PC have been helping victims and families protect their rights and obtain fair compensation for suffering and injuries including those from defective products such as Round Up weed killer. We will work hard to obtain justice for you against those responsible. Contact us for a FREE CONSULTATION and we’ll be more than happy to discuss your case and advise you of your rights. 

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