Is it okay for me to post on Facebook and other social media sites after a car crash?

woman using social media on smartphone and laptopWith the advent of social media and smartphones in every pocket, information travels quickly these days. Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Reddit, and many other sites and apps allow people to easily chat, upload pictures, or share text with friends, family, and the entire internet at large. But the truth is that social media is not your friend when it comes to a car accident. Here’s why you should be wary.

Avoiding Social Media After a Crash

After a car accident, the insurance company and defense counsel for the person who caused the crash are both going to be looking for any information they can use to deny your claim, weaken your case, or decrease the damage award. Your attorney has probably already advised you not to give a recorded statement to the opposing insurance company at this point because anything you say to the defense can only be used to hurt your case. The same goes for posting online. If you post about your accident online, the defense may be able to:

  • Legally gain access to your social media accounts. This includes any public accounts you have so that they can look for any information that may hurt your case, however innocent you think your post was.
  • Download evidence against you for use in court. Not only does this include any pictures you took before or after the accident, but it can also include photos of you that other people have taken since the accident. It also can include any of your text posts, stories, timelines, check-ins at businesses or other locations, and even conversations between you and your family, friends, or followers.

The defense will be looking for any evidence it can find to devalue your case. Even a seemingly innocent timeline post or photo taken by a friend could be used against you if the defense thinks it can use the photo to minimize the effect of your injuries, or to try and pass some or all of the fault for the accident onto you, however unfairly.

The best solution is often to delete your social media accounts while the claim is pending. If that’s not possible, have a discussion with your attorney about social media use and what’s appropriate to post—and what you should avoid talking about until the case has been settled or won.

Get Legal Help After an Accident

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