My parent fell in a nursing home. Is this nursing home neglect?

A fall could be the result of nursing home neglect. In order to know for sure, however, a full investigation would need to be done to determine why the fall occurred.

How a Fall Could Be Caused by Neglect

Falls are a common cause of significant injury and death among the elderly. While some falls are just unfortunate accidents, other falls could have been prevented if nursing homes provided reasonable care to residents. While the cause of each nursing home fall is unique, some common reasons for nursing home falls caused by neglect include:

  • Failing to check on residents often enough to meet their needs. This may lead to some residents who need assistance trying to get out of bed or to move on their own.
  • Failing to warn residents of wet floors.
  • Failing to maintain an area free from slip or trip hazards.
  • Failing to assess residents’ fall risks and develop individual plans to prevent residents who are at risk of falling.
  • Failing to account for medication changes that could leave a resident dizzy or unstable.
  • Failing to have proper bed rails or other protective equipment to prevent falls.

When you first hear of your loved one’s fall, it is impossible for you to know what caused it.

But, it’s Important to Find Out

An experienced Alabama nursing home abuse and neglect lawyer can investigate what happened and determine if your loved one was hurt due to nursing home abuse or negligence. If the evidence indicates that your loved one was hurt because of the nursing home’s negligence, then an attorney can represent your loved one and help her get the fair and just recovery that she deserves for the injury that she should never have had to suffer.

To learn more about protecting your loved one’s rights after a nursing home fall, please contact us directly to schedule a confidential consultation. Together, we will protect your loved one’s legal rights and help her live with the dignity that she deserves.