Nursing home staff were slow to respond to my mother’s call for assistance because they were busy with other residents. She fell and got hurt. Could the nursing home be liable?

Yes, the situation that you describe could be evidence of nursing home neglect.

Nursing homes have a legal responsibility to provide appropriate staffing for nursing home residents. Staff members may be doing their very best to attend to each resident’s needs. However, if the nursing home creates a situation where the number of residents per staff number is too large, then staff members may not be able to take care of each resident within a reasonable amount of time and the nursing home itself may be negligent.

A full investigation would need to be done to determine if your loved one was hurt due to nursing home negligence or just an unfortunate accident.

What to Look for During the Investigation

During an investigation into potential nursing home understaffing, you and your loved one’s attorney are going to want to find out:

  • How many staff members were on duty and how many residents were in the facility at the time your mother fell.
  • What steps the nursing home took to find and hire staff members.
  • Whether the nursing home offered a competitive pay rate for staff members that was consistent with similar facilities in the area.
  • Whether the nursing home is a for-profit company and might be looking to lower staffing costs to maximize profits.
  • How staff members were trained.

If there is any evidence of understaffing, then you are going to want to take the next step and help your mother get a fair legal recovery.

Make Sure Your Loved One Has the Legal Representation She Deserves

The nursing home is going to fight back against any allegations of negligence. The facility’s attorneys will argue that your loved one’s injuries were just an unfortunate accident that happened despite the reasonable care that the nursing home provided.

It is up to your loved one to prove that the nursing home was negligent and failed to provide her with reasonable care. However, she does not have to meet this burden alone. Instead, she has the right to work with an experienced Alabama nursing home abuse lawyer who knows how to investigate potential neglect cases, gathers relevant evidence, and makes persuasive arguments to get injured nursing home residents the fair and just recoveries that they deserve. To learn more about how we can help your loved one during this difficult time, please contact us today via this website or by phone.